23 May

So, I finally got the tattoo I’ve been wanting with my boyfriend this past weekend. ¬†It was sort of a last minute thing, if you will, as my mother and I were supposed to get one together, but she ultimately decided not to for reasons of which I am unaware ūüėČ ¬†In any case, approximately 6:30 p.m., Saturday night, I decided to stop by Living Canvas to get my tattoo of the turtle version of Kokopelli, a Native American symbol for acceptance of peace, all religions and general sign of free spirit. I have been wanting this for years now, so I felt confident in getting this tattoo.

I have to say, when I got into the tattoo parlor, I remember telling the tattoo artist that I a high pain tolerance. Ha!  What a joke.  He was not the nicest person, but he certainly did an excellent job on my work.  And, before beginning, he quickly reminded me that the butterfly on my foot was really not a tattoo in terms of size.

As he started drilling, within the first four minutes, we had to break and I laid on the floor of the tattoo parlor as he went outside for some fresh air. ¬†It literally felt like someone had taken a pen and was slowly, yet sharply, carving out the entire bottom left side of my back, and the closer it went to my spine, the more painful. ¬†On the same note, the closer it went to the side of my stomach, the more painful! ¬†“Are we almost done?” I asked, before I told him that I had to take a short break. ¬†“Are you serious?” he asked me. ¬†FUCK!

That initial pain was incredible, and I had never felt anything more excruciating. ¬†I kept teasing my boyfriend that the next time I would experience something this painful would be childbirth. ¬†Somehow, when he continued with the rest of the tattoo, though incredibly painful, I was somehow able to continue with the process without the need to vomit or pass out. ¬†And so far, minus a bit of pain at home, the result has been fantastic. ¬†I wanted to share a few photos with y’all. ¬†The size is a little bit over the length of half my back and almost the entire half width. ¬†I’m not sad to say that I won’t be getting another one, but I’m very glad I have two, even if the first one didn’t count ūüėČ

15 May

BABY SLIDESHOWMother and Child Reunion

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Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail! <3 And Pumpkin and Taco!!

23 Apr

Well, it’s Easter time. ¬†Coloring eggs tomorrow while I babysit. ¬†And tonight?…well, doing massive amounts of homework and hanging out with a friend and my pets. ¬†And watching Peter Cotton Tail. ¬†I always watched this movie when I was little. ¬†It’s very fun. ¬†Pumpkin’s actually hanging out with me right now while I’m getting ready to watch. ¬†Hopefully it’s a good night ‚̧¬†

Graduation Count Down!!!

22 Apr

Well, it is exactly 21 days till graduation. ¬†That’s exAcTly three weeks boys and girls! I am so excited, and in a very good mood today, minus that I have soooo much to do today, tomorrow and pretty much until I graduate. ¬†Going to try and squeeze some fun in there if possible ūüėČ ¬†Going out with some of my besties tonight, so hopefully, I’ll be able to get a break in there. ¬†I’m also going to be adding a gallery of pics on here before I leave from places where I was born, my first house, etc. ¬†(Kind of just for you Mom and Dad…I know you guys are the primary readers on this blog ūüėČ I just wish it wasn’t raining today. ¬†When is that spring weather finally going to come around? lol.


20 Apr

So, you might be familiar with astrology…maybe not? Well, I’ve liked to look at Tarot cards and gaze into the stars wondering if there was some kind of meaning when in reality, yes, it really is all bullshit. ¬†Still, it’s fun, and you might learn a little bit about your horoscope counterpart if you read up on it. ¬†(I’m a Scorpio, which I always thought was the ugliest of all the signs, but hey, spot on for me as far as personality, etc.) Well anyways, during my spare time, I did a temporary tarot reading online. ¬†(Yeah, it’s just for fun more than anything else.) You pick three cards, and it more or less tells you about your life in a span of time. ¬†Anyhoo, the card that stuck out to me was “The Fool.” ¬†I have really been foolish recently. ¬†Wasting my time on lying, manipulative creeps. ¬†Hey, you guys know who you are, and let me tell you, I may not believe in Heaven and Hell, but I do believe in Karma, and she’s a bitch.

So, being the fool that I can be (normally I like to think of myself as a smart, sensible, level-headed woman ūüėČ I have given an inordinate amount of time to these creeps that I described in the following paragraph, thinking that they might change. ¬†I had liked to think that people are basically good. ¬†Which philosopher said that? Anyways…They’re not. ¬†People are basically not good, to be blunt. ¬†They will walk all over you, steal your purse while you hold the door for them, spit in your face while you’re waiting for a taxi, and step on your foot when you’re trying to catch the bouquet at a wedding. ¬†So, it’s decided. ¬†People are assholes.

So, I’ve decided, too. ¬†(Not to say that their aren’t good people out there…they’re just few and far between.) ¬†I’m not giving them any more chances. ¬†They’ve had about 8 gazillion chances from me and the good people in this world alone, and they have multiple rain checks for that bite in the ass from Karma.

I’m just here to say, ever so small as I can, that I am doing my part to no longer be the fool. ¬†And yes, heavenly days, it’s about time.

‘Times, They are a Changin’

16 Apr

I have to admit, I’m scared.¬† Sort of similar to my last post, I have so much to do before I leave for New York (which is now approximately a month to a month in a half away.)¬† I have all this school work, money I need to find and all these friends and family I need to say goodbye to.¬† Then, there are some people in my life who I may never see again, and there’s a hole in my chest missing from their abscence–and I’m really wondering if I should let them go and move on in the hopes that they’ll contact me, or if I should do something about it.¬† There’s a lot to think about and do and there’s so little time left.¬† All I know is this.¬† “Insanity is doing the same thing twice and expecting different results.”¬† :/

Goose Chase

11 Apr

Amazing Money Tree

Good news or bad news first?…That was always the question. ¬†I think today’s post might be more of a balance between both. ¬†First off, 32 days until graduation. ¬†(As long as you are not counting today, that is.) ¬†This is exciting for a many number of reasons people can probably come up with, though having a college degree is certainly not a guarantee for a job.

32 days left till graduation.  Before I graduate, I still have to write three research papers (Korean, Politics of Reproduction, and Domestic Violence) along with the final version of my capstone paper.  I need to finish my portfolio (which is due Friday, YIKES!) and I have two finals (Korean and Politics of Reproduction.)

Then there’s the unpleasant subject of moving and money. My lease ends on the 31st. ¬†Should I stay that long?…or should I go?…Some time before the lease ends, I will need to move all of my furniture out of my apartment, into a temporary storage space, and down to Syracuse. As far as money goes, that is crazy. ¬†Still working on getting loans from FASFA, and as it looks like I will probably get an assistantship, I hope to pick up waitressing on the weekends too. ¬†At least one of the jobs might make up for a social life. (I’m thinking waitressing.)

In any case, trying to stay calm and positive. ¬†I just wish I would win the lottery or, as morbid as it sounds, a rich family member who I don’t know would die and out of the blue leave me his fortune. ¬†I don’t think either are going to happen, sadly.